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IWBs, ActivTables, Tablets, Touch Marvelous With Win8

prometheanwin8I might not have given Microsoft’s Windows 8 a fair shake. Initially, I was one of those grumpy long-time users crying about losing a start button. I shouted aloud, “What are they thinking? Who, in his right mind, would want to give up Windows 7—it actually works!” Having lived through Vista, and maintained my beloved XP—longer than my favorite sweatshirt, why would Microsoft drag me into the tiled world of Windows 8?

Well, it seems there may have been a plan. It wasn’t obvious to me, until it pretty much hit me square in the face at BETT13. Windows 8 on Whiteboards, ActivTables, and Tablets is love at first sight—or should I say—first touch. Windows 8 makes everything work with the ease of a tablet. I know, I know, a whiteboard won’t fit into your pocket, but I can envision a great many IWBs awakening for daily use, because touching and sliding is so much easier for orchestrating educators. That, along with the assessment and productivity tools already bundled with interactive devices, will breathe new life into technologies already in classrooms. Now, that’s the kind of teaching productivity I’m talking about!

In this BETT13 video, Mark Robinson, ActivEducator and Educational Strategist at Promethean, shares why educators will like Windows 8 on interactive devices. You’ll hear from Lee Stott of Microsoft as well. And, you’ll get a glimpse of a new, and amazing app by Promethean, that will have you, soon, hopefully heading for the Microsoft App Store, especially if you’d like to influence a new generation of young entrepreneurs. And don’t we all really need that!
Note: 2/6/13 Promethean announces an alliance with Microsoft.

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