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Generations Connecting Naturally

Being in the right place at the right time—and recognizing it—is most often purely an accident. One such accident happened to me the other day, and I’m sure it happens to many—daily, too.  After years of bring your own device thinking and invention, there I was, like Ebenezer, unseen, experiencing what used to be Christmas future, but now Christmas present.

On Christmas day, my 5-year old grandson was flicking through an iPad Mini app and talking at the same time—sometimes to the app and sometimes to all of us. His Dad, my eldest son, was smiling through a simple Android Nexus 7 set up—“this will be great on the train”—as his e-mail magically appeared. At the same time, my youngest son, after having landed a new job, searched a lightweight Windows 7 laptop for townhouses in our area. And all the wives, including Grandma, sent and received pictures, and actually talked using their smartphones to family elsewhere. Not sure if this counts, but it was cute, watching my youngest grandson flying through all with his talking Buzz Lightyear. I have the video.

I also know that the Arizona grandkids drove their “ride in” toy jeep; the size of my Rav4, and wielded pirate swords—while all of this happened, almost a whole coast away. I know all this, because I was there and everywhere at the same time—as the Christmas music played on, the cats hid, and the dinner cooked.

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