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This is the first year I won’t be attending TCEA, the Texas Computer Education Association conference, in Austin, TX. It has been my favorite conference since beginning my coverage of education and education tech gatherings. Texas teachers are part of the reason I love TCEA.  I discovered that teachers also come to Texas for the event from all over the U.S. One year, I flew in with about 20 or more educators from Maine, who sort of adopted me for evening social gatherings.

The technology products, exhibits, and how to displays in the exhibit halls, and in the meeting rooms give educators a taste of what they can hope for, as well as what they might be able to do—and take back to their schools and classes. Presentation by educators and education teams are the foundation of the show, and it’s not difficult to overhear conversations about them throughout the convention center.

If there is only one show to attend during the year—or for that matter—any year—TCEA is the one. And if you don’t get there this year, try for the next. TCEA will be there, just like it has for the past 32 years. TCEA is education technology.

If you’re following from your computer, like I am, look for the Twitter hashtag #TCEA, and go to the TCEA Website for more.

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  1. Lori Gracey says:

    Thanks so very much for the kind words, Ken. You will be missed at TCEA this year!